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How to get textbox in Access to distribute properly

The problem: Occasionally I want to use justified text for textboxes.  To justify the text, you would select “Distribute” for the Text Align property.  The if there is one word left at the end of a paragraph the one word is stretched across an entire line, which doesn’t look good.  This was a problem with the older versions of Access 2003 and before, that didn’t have easy solutions.  One solution was an ActiveX control on the following site:  This is a problem for developers who don’t want to deal with supporting and distributing the ActiveX control to each user as there are permission and other issues that arise after Access 2003.

The solution for Access 2007 forward:  Justify the text as before by selecting “Distribute” for the Text Align property.  Then change the “Text Format” property to “Rich Text”.

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